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Myasthenia Gravis (MG) Evaluation with MuSK Reflex, Serum

CPT Code Information Current Value

83519 x 2


83519 x 3 (if appropriate)

84182 (if appropriate)

86341 (if appropriate)

CPT Code Information Value Prior to 9/05/2018 8:02pm

83519-ACh receptor (muscle) binding antibody

83519-ACh receptor (muscle) modulating antibodies

83520-Striational (striated muscle) antibodies

83519-AChR ganglionic neuronal antibody (if appropriate)

83519-Neuronal VGKC autoantibody (if appropriate)

84182-CRMP-5-IgG Western blot (if appropriate)

86341-GAD65 antibody assay (if appropriate)

83519-MuSK Autoantibody (if appropriate)