Test Catalog

Test ID: COGBL    
Chromosome Analysis, Hematologic Disorders, Children’s Oncology Group Enrollment Testing, Blood

Testing Algorithm Delineates situations when tests are added to the initial order. This includes reflex and additional tests.

This test is only performed on specimens from pediatric patients who are candidates for enrollment in Children's Oncology Group (COG) clinical trials and research protocols.


This test includes a charge for cell culture of fresh specimens and professional interpretation of results. Analysis charges will be incurred for total work performed, and generally include 2 banded karyograms and the analysis of 20 metaphase cells. If no metaphase cells are available for analysis, no analysis charges will be incurred. If additional analysis work is required, additional charges may be incurred.


-If this test is ordered and the laboratory is informed that the patient is not on a COG protocol, this test will be canceled and automatically reordered as CHRHB / Chromosome Analysis, Hematologic Disorders, Blood.

Specimen Type Describes the specimen type validated for testing

Whole blood

Advisory Information

This test is only performed on specimens from pediatric patients being considered for enrollment in a Children's Oncology Group (COG) protocol. For all other patients, order CHRHB / Chromosomes, Hematologic Disorders, Blood.


For children in whom disease relapse or a secondary myeloid neoplasm is a concern and enrollment in a new COG protocol is being considered; order COGBM / COG, Chromosome Analysis, Hematologic Disorders, Bone Marrow.


Consultation with personnel from the Genomics Laboratory is recommended when considering blood studies for hematologic disorders. Call 800-533-1710 and ask for the Cytogenetics Genetic Counselor on call.

Shipping Instructions

Advise Express Mail or equivalent if not on courier service.

Necessary Information

1. Provide a reason for referral with each specimen, as well as flow cytometry and/or a bone marrow pathology report and a Children’s Oncology Group (COG) protocol number. The laboratory will not reject testing if this information is not provided, but appropriate testing and interpretation may be compromised or delayed.

2. If a child has received an opposite sex bone marrow transplant prior to specimen collection for this protocol, convey this information to the laboratory.

Specimen Required Defines the optimal specimen required to perform the test and the preferred volume to complete testing

Container/Tube: Green top (sodium heparin)

Specimen Volume: 6 mL

Collection Instructions:

Invert several times to mix blood.

Specimen Minimum Volume Defines the amount of sample necessary to provide a clinically relevant result as determined by the Testing Laboratory

3 mL

Reject Due To Identifies specimen types and conditions that may cause the specimen to be rejected

All specimens will be evaluated at Mayo Clinic Laboratories for test suitability.

Specimen Stability Information Provides a description of the temperatures required to transport a specimen to the performing laboratory, alternate acceptable temperatures are also included

Specimen TypeTemperatureTimeSpecial Container
Whole bloodAmbient (preferred)