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Test ID: SARCP    
Sarcoma Targeted Gene Fusion/Rearrangement Panels, Next-Generation Sequencing, Tumor

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Diagnosing specific soft tissue and bone tumors (sarcoma) based on the observed gene fusions (eg, PAX3/FOXO1 gene fusion observed in alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma, EWSR1-FLI1 gene fusion for Ewing’s sarcoma, SS18-SSX1/2 gene fusion for synovial sarcoma)

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There are two ordering options associated with this test. One of the two options below must be selected when this test is ordered.

Comprehensive Sarcoma Targeted Gene Fusion Panel

This ordering option evaluates 138 gene targets for the presence of somatic gene fusions. See Targeted Gene Fusions Interrogated by Sarcoma Targeted Gene Fusion Panel in Special Instructions for details regarding the targeted gene regions identified by this test.


Custom Sarcoma Targeted Gene Fusion Panel

This ordering option provides a customizable panel in which a subset of the 138 gene targets can be selected to aid in the diagnosis and evaluation of sarcomas. This would allow for selection of a single gene or gene fusion.


If the custom panel option is selected, a unique Gene List ID must be created using the Gene Selection Application. The Gene List ID must be included with the test order. The Gene List ID can be created here: https://orders.mayocliniclabs.com/en/tools/gene_panels/.


For a demonstration of this application, Custom Gene Ordering tutorial, click here: https://vimeo.com/299737728/23d56922f1


See Frequently Asked Questions: Custom Gene Ordering Tool in Special Instructions.


This test uses RNA-based next-generation sequencing to evaluate sarcomas for gene fusions that involve at least 1 of 138 genes.


This panel can be modified to interrogate a customized list of gene fusion targets associated with sarcoma. Single gene fusions or single gene targets can be ordered using the Custom Sarcoma Targeted Gene Fusion Panel.

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When this test is ordered, slide review will always be performed at an additional charge.


This test includes the option of ordering a predefined comprehensive gene fusion panel or the option to create a custom gene fusion panel. Pricing for the Custom Gene Fusion Panel will be based on the number of genes selected (1-4, 5-50, and 50+).

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Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)-Based Next-Generation Sequencing

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Sarcoma Targeted Gene Fusion Panels

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Custom Fusion Panel
Custom Gene Panel
Custom Gene Sarcoma Panel
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Custom Panel
Custom Sarcoma Panel
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Fusion panel
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Gene rearrangement
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Sarcoma fusion
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