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Test ID: PPAP    
Parental Sample Prep for Prenatal Microarray Testing, Blood

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Preparing parental blood samples for possible confirmation testing if an abnormality is detected on the prenatal array sample


DNA extraction of the maternal blood sample used for maternal cell contamination testing

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This test can only be ordered on the parents when a prenatal microarray test has been ordered on the fetal sample.


This test ID contains no charge and serves as a way to correlate proband and parental specimens. If additional testing is warranted, the appropriate tests will be added. 


When prenatal microarray analysis is ordered, parental blood samples are collected and prepared for confirmation studies should an abnormality be detected on the prenatal sample. If an abnormality is detected on the fetal sample, the most appropriate testing (microarray, FISH, or chromosome analysis) to aid in the interpretation of the prenatal result is performed on the parental samples. A paternal blood sample is desired but not required.


Maternal cell contamination testing will be performed on the maternal blood and prenatal samples to rule out the presence of maternal cells in the fetal sample.

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DNA Extraction/Cell Culture

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Parental Prenatal Array Prep Test