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Digital Images for Tech Only Immunohistochemical (IHC) Stains

Frequently Asked Questions

What is digital imaging?

Digital imaging is the practice of converting glass slides into digital slides that can be viewed on a computer monitor. This digital image is not validated for or intended for diagnostic purposes.

How will I be notified when an image is available?

You can access the image in any of the following ways:

  • Set up email notifications so that you receive an email any time a digital image is available.
    • Click the URL in the email to launch the MayoACCESS application.
    • Log in to MayoACCESS. The digital case is displayed.
    • Click the image icon within the case to view the digital slide.
  • Set up an unread reports popup to be displayed in MayoACCESS when a result with a digital image is attached. Viewing of the laboratory report does not automatically mark it as read. The report needs to be printed or specifically marked as read to prevent the popup from being displayed on the next MayoACCESS login.
  • When viewing the MayoACCESS laboratory report, the following text and URL are displayed. Click the URL to launch the case view:

    Supplemental data is available at:

  • From the Results menu, click Pathology Lab Reports to view the lab reports that have a PDF or a digital image attached.
    • For users assigned to the Pathology Lab Report user security group, a message is displayed that informs the user to go to the Results menu and click Pathology Lab Reports to see the PDFs and digital images.
    • The pathology lab report shows the last two weeks of reports.
  • A URL is sent through HL7 to a client's interface. However, due to limitations URLs do not launch MayoACCESS directly.

Can MayoLINK users view digital images?

Physicians interested in viewing digital images through MayoLINK should contact Mayo Clinic Laboratories at 1-855-516-8404 for assistance.

Where can I find patient information?

The Case Details page displays all relevant information about the patient, physician, and order. This information can be used to confirm that you are reviewing the correct case and eSlides.

What is Web Viewer?

Web Viewer is a web application that is used to view images. There is no download needed to use Web Viewer. To launch the Web Viewer, select the slide or label image on the eSlide Details page. Alternatively, select the Web Viewer icon in the top right corner of the page. From the Web Viewer, you are able to access all available eSlides and labels for a case.

Web Viewer includes a tool to view and denote image details, which includes the following features:

  • Snapshots Snapshots + Save + Print
  • Add comments Add comments
  • Drop pins Drop pins

What if I get an unexpected error when clicking a URL?

Try to relaunch the link to get to the digital image. If errors continue, close all browser windows and relaunch from MayoACCESS or click on the digital image link in the email.

  • Do not select anything inside the Specimen Details page.
  • Attachments cannot be added by clicking Case Attachments or Specimen Attachments.
  • The Sort, View Images, and Open Data buttons are not intended for client use. Clicking Sort will open a window that does not display any sorting options. Clicking View Images or Open Data will result in an error. If this happens, you can select Back to return to the Case Details page.

What if my slide images are missing?

  • Refresh the webpage (press F5).
  • When you receive an email link, the images might not display right away. It can take several minutes for the images to display on your webpage after they are initially uploaded by the lab technicians. Refresh the webpage and the images might appear.
  • To remove a slide image, click the X on the ID tab on the Specimen Details page. To view the images again, close the web browser and relaunch the Case Details page.
  • If images are not displaying after several minutes and a webpage refresh, contact Mayo Clinic Laboratories at 1-855-516-8404 for assistance.

What are the browser requirements for digital imaging?

The imaging portal was developed to work in Internet Explorer Version 11 (or higher).

If your web browser version is Internet Explorer 10 or lower, contact your Technology Help Desk for support in upgrading your web browser.

What are the tech-only IHC specimen requirements?

For each stain ordered, we recommend sending two unstained slides. For each slide, place a 4 micron-thick section on a positively charged glass slide (25 x 75 x 1 mm).

What is the price per stain?

To determine the price for an individual IHC stain, enter test code IHTOI in Test Prices.

When ordering multiple IHC stains, the first stain is coded IHTOI and subsequent stains are coded as IHTOA. The fee for each stain is the same regardless of the IHC stain ordered.

To determine pricing for ISH stains, enter test code ISTOI; for multi-plex IHC stains (e.g. Ki67 + MelanA), enter IHMTO.