Chain-of-Custody Testing

Mayo Clinic Laboratories does not perform workplace drug testing. In other circumstances where the test results could be challenged in a court of law, a chain of custody process should be utilized.

  • Chain of custody starts at the time of initial patient contact. The specimen must be collected under controlled conditions. The collection facility initiates a documentation process that accompanies the specimen to the laboratory. The chain-of-custody process provides:
    • Clear and unique identification of the subject being tested
    • Clear and unique labeling of the specimen
    • Identification of all persons who handle the specimen—legible signature required
    • A historical record of events with action dates clearly stated
    • Security of the specimen using a sealed, tamper-evident process

Failure to complete the collection process correctly, including labeling of the sample, as well as all details of the accompanying documentation, may result in the inability to process the sample.

A convenient kit is available to facilitate the chain-of-custody process.