Test Catalog

Test ID: FMECM    
Meconium Methadone Screen

Testing Algorithm Delineates situations when tests are added to the initial order. This includes reflex and additional tests.

If test is positive, then the Meconium Methadone Confirmation (FMMC) will be performed at no additional charge.

Specimen Type Describes the specimen type validated for testing


Specimen Required Defines the optimal specimen required to perform the test and the preferred volume to complete testing

Collect specimen into the same leak proof, sterile plastic collection vial until 3 g of meconium have been collected or until the first milk stool appears. Between collections, store specimen in a secure refrigerator. When at least 3 g of meconium has been collected, tightly screw on the cap of the collection vial and send specimen refrigerated.


Note: Specimens from different voiding may be pooled if necessary.

Specimen Minimum Volume Defines the amount of sample necessary to provide a clinically relevant result as determined by the Testing Laboratory

0.7 g

Reject Due To Identifies specimen types and conditions that may cause the specimen to be rejected




Cold OK; Warm OK







Specimen Stability Information Provides a description of the temperatures required to transport a specimen to the performing laboratory, alternate acceptable temperatures are also included

Specimen TypeTemperatureTime
MeconiumRefrigerated (preferred)14 days
 Frozen 180 days
 Ambient 5 days