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Pompe Disease Cross-Reactive Immunological Material Status, Fibroblasts

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Determination of cross-reactive immunologic material status in patients with Pompe disease


Evaluating the best strategy for enzyme replacement therapy for patients with Pompe disease


This test is used to determine cross-reactive immunological material (CRIM) status in patients with Pompe disease.


CRIM status is important when assessing whether immunosuppression is needed when initiating enzyme replacement therapy for patients with Pompe disease.

Additional Tests Lists tests that are always performed, at an additional charge, with the initial tests.

Test IDReporting NameAvailable SeparatelyAlways Performed
FIBRFibroblast CultureYesYes
CRYOBCryopreserve for Biochem StudiesNoYes

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When this test is ordered, a fibroblast culture and cryopreservation for biochemical studies will always be performed at an additional charge. However, for multiple lysosomal enzyme assays on a patient utilizing fibroblast culture, only one culture is required regardless of the number of enzyme assays ordered. If viable cells are not obtained within 10 days, client will be notified.


See Newborn Screen Follow-up for Pompe Disease In Special Instructions

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PDCRF: Western blot

CRYOB: Fibroblast Subculture followed by Cryopreservation and Storage

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Pompe Disease CRIM Status, Fibro

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Cross-reactive immunological material