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Test ID: FCDUC    
Comprehensive Drug Screen, Umbilical Cord Tissue

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This test was developed and its performance characteristics determined by NMS Labs. It has not been cleared or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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CPT codes are provided by the performing laboratory.


LOINC® Information Provides guidance in determining the Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes (LOINC) values for the order and results codes of this test. LOINC values are provided by the performing laboratory.

Test IDTest Order NameOrder LOINC Value
FCDUCComprehensive Drug Screen, UCNot Provided


Result IDTest Result NameResult LOINC ValueApplies only to results expressed in units of measure originally reported by the performing laboratory. These values do not apply to results that are converted to other units of measure.
Z54026-Monoacetylmorphine-FreeNot Provided
Z54037-Amino ClonazepamNot Provided
Z5404Acetyl FentanylNot Provided
Z5405alpha-PVPNot Provided
Z5407AmphetamineNot Provided
Z5408BenzoylecgonineNot Provided
Z5417Delta-9 Carboxy THCNot Provided
Z5420Dextro/Levo MethorphanNot Provided
Z5436MeprobamateNot Provided
Z5452PhencyclidineNot Provided
Z5453PhenobarbitalNot Provided
Z5458ZolpidemNot Provided
Z5410ButalbitalNot Provided
Z5418Delta-9 THCNot Provided
Z5424EthyloneNot Provided
Z5406AlprazolamNot Provided
Z5432MDANot Provided
Z5416Codeine-FreeNot Provided
Z5414CocaethyleneNot Provided
Z5411CarisoprodolNot Provided
Z5415CocaineNot Provided
Z5422Dihydrocodeine/Hydrocodol-FreeNot Provided
Z5433MDEANot Provided
Z5439MethyloneNot Provided
Z5412ChlordiazepoxideNot Provided
Z5413ClonazepamNot Provided
Z5434MDMANot Provided
Z5428Hydrocodone-FreeNot Provided
Z5429Hydromorphone-FreeNot Provided
Z5438MethamphetamineNot Provided
Z5419DesalkylflurazepamNot Provided
Z5421DiazepamNot Provided
Z5441Morphine-FreeNot Provided
Z5445NorhydrocodoneNot Provided
Z5426FlunitrazepamNot Provided
Z5427FlurazepamNot Provided
Z5447NoroxycodoneNot Provided
Z5450Oxycodone-FreeNot Provided
Z5430HydroxytriazolamNot Provided
Z5431LorazepamNot Provided
Z5451Oxymorphone-FreeNot Provided
Z5423EDDPNot Provided
Z5440MidazolamNot Provided
Z5443NordiazepamNot Provided
Z5437MethadoneNot Provided
Z5425FentanylNot Provided
Z5449OxazepamNot Provided
Z5455TemazepamNot Provided
Z5444NorfentanylNot Provided
Z5435MeperidineNot Provided
Z5457TriazolamNot Provided
Z5446NormeperidineNot Provided
Z5442Norbuprenorphine-FreeNot Provided
Z5409Buprenorphine-FreeNot Provided
Z5448O-DesmethyltramadolNot Provided
Z5456TramadolNot Provided
Z5454TapentadolNot Provided