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How do I determine CPT codes for billing?

It is your responsibility to determine correct CPT codes to use for billing. While our test catalog and invoices list CPT codes to provide some guidance, CPT codes listed only reflect our interpretation of CPT coding requirements and are not necessarily correct. The test catalog attempts to provide a comprehensive list of CPT codes for all possible components of a multi-component test. Only a subset of component tests may be performed on your specimen. You should verify accuracy of codes listed; and where multiple codes are listed, you should select codes for tests actually performed on your specimen. MAYO CLINIC LABORATORIES ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR BILLING ERRORS DUE TO RELIANCE ON CPT CODES LISTED IN ITS TEST CATALOG. For further reference, consult the CPT Coding Manual published by the American Medical Association; if you have questions regarding use of a code, contact your local Medicare carrier.

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