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What domains do we need to have permitted by our firewall?

Many medical and scientific organizations block all web sites unless they are specifically permitted.

If you are unable to access all of the resources we offer, contact your Information Technology or network support department and request that the following domains be added to the list of permitted sites.

  • mayocliniclabs.com
  • a1.mayocliniclabs.com
  • a2.mayocliniclabs.com
  • education.mayocliniclabs.com
  • media.mayocliniclabs.com
  • orders.mayocliniclabs.com
  • profile.mayocliniclabs.com
  • mayoprofile.cws.net
  • cme-registration.com
  • cme-evaluations.com
  • mayo.edu
  • testcatalog.org
  • cloudfront.net
  • mmlaccess.com
  • test.mmlaccess.com
  • sp.mmlaccess.com
  • www.googleapis.com

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